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Kehlani 63x dilihat 1 tahun yang lalu
Kehlani - Toxic

Kehlani - Toxic

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  • Title: Toxic
  • Artist: Kehlani
  • Genre: Barat
  • Size: 2.43 MB
  • Duration: 02:49 menit
  • Hits: 63x
  • Audio: 44,1 kHz, Stereo, 128 kb/s, MP3
  • Dirilis: 12 March 2020
  • Diperbarui: 20 March 2020
Lirik Lagu Toxic :

[Verse 1: Kehlani] Damn right, we take turns bein’ grown I get real accountable when I’m alone I get real about it all when I’m alone It’s so crazy missin’ you when I get on [Pre-Chorus: Kehlani & Ty Dolla $ign] Don Julio made me a fool for you And now I might hit your phone up with that ra-ra-ra Missin’ my da-da-da, missin’ that ah-ah-ah (Ah, ah) [Chorus: Kehlani] All of this love is toxic All of this love is toxic All these kisses and hugs is knock shit You a damn drug, you’re toxic [Verse 2: Kehlani] Uh, all the sex on replay Run it back like a DJ Surfin’ on your face while you eat that Tryna make a bad bitch behave, no I was this way for you Put the pussy away for you Thinkin’ I would wait for you